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Dec 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
sends goods all the over the u.s. and europe. this factory had links through subcontractors to retail giants such as wal-mart, sears and disney. but safety is often ignored in the pressure to keep production moving for a global supply chain. the enter in the labor rights forum says more than 600 people have died in bangladesh garment factory fires since 2005. this blaze was followed two days later by a 12-story fire in another part of the town. there were no deaths in that blaze. for more on all this we turn to steven greenhouse who covers labor and workplace issues for the noork times. thanks for being with us. steven, bring us up to speed. after that fire there were documents an activist group put out which seemed to indicate retailers unwilling to pay for some of the safety upgrades. >> yes. documents came out from a that was held last year in bangladesh. a meeting called by the government and by the bangladesh manufacturers association that was urging those giant western retailers like the gap, like wal-mart to like step up to the plate and agree to pay more for their apparel so t
Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
. we look increasingly like we have the dysfunction, the governmental dysfunction of europe without the excuse of being separate countries. and you know, i think it's a serious challenge to america's standing in the world that the views of credit car mets an-- markets. and washington is not faking it yet with sufficiency seriousness. >> i just add, not in a partisan way, that the 213 shall 215 to 2089-- 209 vote last night in the house before the whole thing came apart which was to not take the sequestration funds out, let's take them out of domestic spending, a party-line vote. 20 -- democrats stuck on that. not a single one broke. and i think you are seeing far more unity in the democratic ranks than in the republican ranks right now. i agree it is a governmental problem. if the whole thing comes grinding to a halt and we see it reflected in the financial markets and the stock market an elsewhere, then it's a governmental problem. it's not simply a democratic advantage or republican advantage. but right now the real fault lines are in the republican caucus. >> rooney: we-- . >> wo
Dec 27, 2012 5:30pm PST
has functioned for years as an easy-to-enter gateway into the rest of europe. and one that by all accounts has made a mess of its immigration system. many migrants are illegal: largely tolerated in good times, but increasingly for greeks, no more. >> ( translated ): i don't have a problem with immigrants in general. but i have a problem with those who come here and don't find work and they resort to crime. >> brown: and has this been getting worse? >> everyday it's getting worse. >> brown: this man said he opposes violence against immigrants. but others clearly feel differently and the anti- immigrant sentiment helps explain the rise of the golden dawn party, which won 18 seats in parliament in the last election and has seen its popularity grow further in more recent polls to third among l parties. golden dawn describes itself as greek nationalists. but, with its swastika-like symbol, its rhetoric and street tactics, it's widely seen as neo-nazi. and its supporters have become more brazen in carrying out physical attacks on migrants, including this one caught on camera in a market
Dec 26, 2012 5:30pm PST
h.i.v. and hepatitis and played a key role in the space race. but in rece years, japan, europe and the uk have all ended the practice, leaving the u.s. and gabon the only two nations that allow scientists to conduct tests on chimpanzees, but maybe not for long. >> if this committee had been tasked to do what it was asked to do five years from now, we probably would have said there is no longer any need for the use of chimpanzees. >> reporter: jeffrey kahn is a professor of bioethics at johns hopkins university. he chaired a blue ribbon committee for the institute of medicine that took a hard look chimpanzee testing in the u.s. as the outcry from animal rights activists reached a crescendo. >> we did acknowledge that from the perspective of this committee, the fact that chimpanzees are very close to humans gives them a different status. >> reporter: in late 2011, the committee laid out strict guidelines for chimp testing: the research must be done only when it's lifesaving, it can't be done ethically in humans, there are no other models, and the animals are socially and humanely housed.
Dec 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
europe. >> last night's decision on the single supervisory mechanism for euro area banks is a breakthrough towards a true banking union, which is significant and crucial in order to restore and reinforce confidence in the european economy. >> sreenivasan: the banking superviser role must be approved by the european parliament, but the position could be up and running by march of next year. separately, finance ministers agreed to give greece its next bailout payment of $64 billion. in return, greece has agreed to reduce its debt load by buying back devalued bonds from private investors. the european court of human rights issued a landmark ruling today condemning the c.i.a.'s extraordinary renditions programs. it ruled that a german car salesman khaled el-masri was a victim of torture and abuse for four months at the hands of the c.i.a. el-masri said he was kidnapped from macedonia in 2003, interrogated and tortured at an afghan prison run by the c.i.a. and then dropped on an albanian mountainside when authorities realized he posed no threat. macedonia agreed to pay nearly $80,0
Dec 31, 2012 3:00pm PST
have seen people wait an hour to see, in effect, words. if you go to ancient cathedrals in europe, let's say, they may wait in long lines to see objects that connect to saints, kings and queens. are we a republic of words? are they so important that we'll wait a long time to see them? >> well, people have said that america is a country that is founded upon ideals and ideas that are expressed in worsd. and so it makes sense that people would look at these words, as i said, to try to tell white house we are and the kinds of things we hope to be. so yes, words mean a great deal to americans and always have. >> suarez: looking back at the proclamation itself, as a practical matter, what did that declaration do for people still in bondage in the confederates. >> it reconfirmed their idea that the war was about the end of slavery. and, in fact, upon hearing these words and understanding of the proclamation, thousands of african-americans left plantations. they voted with their feet, so to speak, to say that this was going to be a new day. so the proclamation gave them hope that all of t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)